Recent projects

#Scientific publishing

The scientific academic community globally has very few options on authoring a scientific paper Online. This new venture aims to fill that gap and is being built with over 26 months of user research and wire framing.


A healthcare start-up built an application connecting doctors,patients, lab and pharmacy. Kutung defined the user journey for each type of user in a highly collaborative environment comprising of leading practitioners. Prime focus was on usability and effiency as each task during consultation was to be achieved in less than 2 mins time. The resultant HTMLs were built using Ionic framework. The entire UI was delivered in 10 weeks.

Venture Intelligence

Venture intelligence(VI) is one of the leading sources of information and analysis on private company financials, transactions (private equity, venture capital and M&A) and their valuations in India. The search page was redefined with a wide-narrow approach and all the filters as subsets. The search result was showcased in 4 formats.


A rural assisted e-commerce application had a standard e-commerce approach. Kutung redesigned the user experience and the visual design which was beneficial to both the salesman and the end-users. Boonbox saw an increase of conversion by 20% in 6 months after the new designs were implemented.

Funds India

FundsIndia is India’s first online-only investment platform that provides investors with access to a wide range of investment products like mutual funds from leading fund houses.FundsIndia was having a huge drop in the registration process. To address this issue we conducted an Usability audit and based on the inferences, designed a renewed workflow.

babaji vidhyashram

A school management platform consisting of a kiosk based admission application form. Fees payment, Classroom allocation, Employee management, Student management and a Mobile Notification app on Android & iOS were designed and developed as part of the school management system. The school has seen an tremendous increase in the productivity of the administration staff & teaching staff.

India Property

A leading property website was having heavy traffic but low on conversion. Kutung identified the pain points of the user and redesigned the desktop, tablet & mobile version of their application. Analytics show that the conversion increased by 12% for the next year and the user satisfaction was up by 75%.


CAMS (Computer Age Management Services) is India’s premier Mutual Fund Transfer Agency serving over 60% of assets of the industry across 15 Mutual Funds. CAMS has all of their services scattered in different parts of their application and we revisited the Information architecture and developed wireframes to showcase all of the necessary information with the appropriate weightage and hierarchy.

Guidance Residential

Guidance Residential is an Islamic mortgages institution in the USA. We derived the personas of the typical mortgage seekers in the community and developed prototypes based on the requirement and the personas. The wireframes were converted into Visual design.


Workers' Compensation Claims Management System was a fully functional system which were re-designed to make the system more productive for its users by presenting information contextually.